Recipe: Yummy TLT instead of BLT Sandwich

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TLT instead of BLT Sandwich. Instead of a classic BLT sandwich, I make a TLT – tempeh, lettuce, and tomato. Not an original concept, but my secret is this.every component needs to be over-the-top flavorful. My version features chipotle-marinated tempeh alongside oven-roasted cherry tomatoes, a bit of shredded lettuce and a.

I had the pleasure of having this for lunch today and it was absolutely delicious in every way! A vegan twist on the BLT sandwich, the TLT is constructed with steak-seasoned tofu, lettuce, and tomatoes for an easy, summery lunch. All Reviews for Vegan TLT Sandwich (BLT Substitute). You can cook TLT instead of BLT Sandwich using 11 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of TLT instead of BLT Sandwich

  1. It’s 4 of bread any choices (I used organic bread called Powerseed, we are staying away from white bread).
  2. You need of Refried bean.
  3. Prepare of Lettuce (washed and drained up).
  4. You need of Tomatoes sliced.
  5. You need of Bell peppers (optional).
  6. It’s of Tofu (I used 1/2 silky tofu then sliced it in 1/2 inch thick).
  7. Prepare of Soy sauce.
  8. Prepare of Ground ginger.
  9. It’s of Mushrooms powder.
  10. It’s of Chili flakes (optional).
  11. You need of Oil (optional) I don’t use oil.

A BLT sandwich has nothing on this delicious T. T.-Smoked tempeh, lettuce, and tomato sandwich. I like to add a little mustard to mine. Be sure you use a non-stick skillet to cook the tofu.

TLT instead of BLT Sandwich instructions

  1. First, marinated the tofu with soy sauce, ginger, and mushrooms powder for about 5-7 minutes)..
  2. Then spread the refried bean over the bread evenly, sprinkle with chili flake if you like. Then toasted for about 4 minutes (less or more) depends on how crunchy the bread you want..
  3. While the bread is toasting, heat up the non-stick pan (you can spray it with cooking oil or brushing with little oil, but I don’t) add marinated tofu into the pan and cook it until it turns golden brown then flipped over and cook the other side as well until golden brown. I like to cook mine until crispy..
  4. Now time to assembly: On the cutting board places 2 breads and arrange the lettuce on top, added tofu, tomatoes, and bell peppers (optional) then cover both breads with another two bread..
  5. Tadaaa, your TLT are ready. Enjoy❤️.
  6. Note: This recipe is #oilfree #lowfat #lowcarb #lowglycemic.
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For anyone looking for a hearty, substantial, satisfying, nutritious, and meatless lunch – it's hard to beat the TLT. Reviews for: Photos of TLT (Tofu, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich). veryy good. i made my own rendition though instead of following the mustard recipie i made my own: soysauce lime juice garlic curry yellow mustard and brown sugar. i spooned it onto the tofu like the recipe calls for and bake it. Except, instead of making a sandwich, we're making a salad. In a classic BLT, the mayo gets smeared on the bread, holding the sandwich together. In our case, we need a vinaigrette to dress the salad.