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Murottal Therapy. Pshycoreligious therapy, anxiety, cancer, breast cancer references: On contrary, there no diffirence on average of vital signs stability of both murottal dan musc therapy groups.


Hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the most commom disease in developing countries like indonesia. Murottal therapy is one type of music therapy that has a positive influence on listeners, where when someone listens to murottal therapy it will provide stimulation to the eardrum which will then be transmitted through the auditory nerve to the auditory cortex in the brain so that there will be a decrease in cortisol which can cause a relaxed feeling. The methodology used is a pre experiment one group pre and postest design.samples taken as accidental sampling on.

Therapy Is There Murottal Qur'an Against Anxiety Levels In Hemodialysis Patients Pku Muhammadiyah Hospital In Surakarta.

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Therapy in reducing pain level. On contrary, there no diffirence on average of vital signs stability of both murottal dan musc therapy groups. Anxiety, sleep pattern disorder, elderly.

The Methodology Used Is A Pre Experiment One Group Pre And Postest Design.samples Taken As Accidental Sampling On.

Murottal therapy as a complementary treatment to lower high blood pressure and it is an efficient therapy that can be easily done by every individual. Murottal therapy is an alternative relaxation method for pregnant, giving birth, and puerperal women with preeclampsia. Of murottal therapy to pregnant mother worries in third trimester of pregnancy periods in bengkulu city 2018.

On Contrary, There No Diffirence On Average Of Vital Signs Stability Of Both Murottal Dan Musc Therapy Groups.

Murotal therapy performed for several minutes or hours in a voice that sounds good can give a sense of comfort for the body to move up to be able to raise the baby's weight. Both therapies have a relaxing effect, which can reduce stress and anxiety. Guideline for the prevention, detection, evaluation, and management of high blood pressure in adults.

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To determine the effectiveness of the There is a difference in effectiveness between murottal therapy and hydrotherapy in decreasing blood pressure in hypertensive patients murottal therapy is The result showed that there was significantly difference between murottal therapy and music therapy in reducing pain level.

There Is An Effect Of Qur’an Murottal Therapy Toward Pain Of The Burned Patients In The Surgical Room At Rsud Prabumulih Year 2017.

Many newborn babies have a low weight, it has a bad impact in the process of growth and development.murottal is a recording of the sound of the qur'an which is sung by a qori. The results obtained from the literature review include a decrease in anxiety scores before and after treatment with a mean reduction in anxiety scores 6,297, there is an effect of murottal therapy on blood pressure or there is a difference in blood pressure before and after getting treatment, the average decrease in mean systole 12,188 and. The research design was quasi experiment using pre post test.